You want a new WordPress website, and you want it to look awesome.

The problem, is that you want it to make your business more money. You NEED it to be profitable.

Your business needs a awesome, beautiful and useful online presence.

You need to attract more customerS and help them find, like and trust that you’re the right business for them

That’s why we have websites.  So you can carve your own corner out of the big old internet and start finding more customers.

That’s where we come in.

We design and build WordPress websites right here, in rural Devon.

Your website can look good, find more customers AND generate a profit.

Imagine a website that both looks amazing and actually generates you more profitable leads?

The myth is that a website is supposed to just look great.  Be pretty, well designed and the customers will just flow in.

Most businesses don’t make a profit directly from their website.  Let alone believe that their website can make money.

In fact most businesses don’t have a profit or growth plan for their website.  This is something that we give to every single customer.

I want to show you how to generate a profit from your website right here, for FREE.

Finally, to top it all off.  Websites are difficult to manage, your designer is often a know it all and you don’t even know HOW you’d make money from your WordPress website.

If you had more leads, and more sales, how would that change your business?

Because our WordPress websites can do all this and more

  • What if your website gave you and your business more qualified leads?
  • What if your website helped convert those leads into sales?
  • How about if we drove more traffic to your website and helped it climb the search engine rankings?
  • Finally, what if updating your website was so easy, you wouldn’t have to pay anyone to manage it?

The myth is that WordPress is just a blogging platform.

The truth is that it’s the most popular content management system on the internet.

It’s trusted by some of the largest businesses on the planet.

Not just big business though.  Small businesses, micro businesses, medium sized enterprises.

Over 1 000 000 businesses use WordPress as their website platform.

We can build the perfect WordPress lead generating machine

Designed and built with you and your customers as the focus

The world is changing, customers are becoming smarter and your business has to work hard to stay relevant.

Local searches made by customers, has made it almost mandatory to locate your business on Google maps.

Social media means that people need to read and consume your content, before they’re willing to commit to you and your business.

Advertising is more competitive and standing out from the crowd is harder than ever.

“I wanted my customers to say ‘I love my web designer'”

-Mike Killen

Devon Digital Design, the #1 WordPress lead generation company in the UK.  We are going to create you a brilliant website that helps you and your business.

Get in touch below and tell us what you want to achieve.

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Pro Website

£ 6500

Our Pro Websites are everything your business needs to launch onto the Internet and start finding traffic and generating customers.

  • Guaranteed views from Google search users
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Higher traffic converting into leads
  • Higher rankings on search engines
  • Lower marketing costs for you business
  • Capture more leads and email addresses
  • Visitors staying longer on your website
  • More customer enquiries from your website
  • Regular and repeat revenue from your website
  • Add and edit ALL content in under 60 seconds

Our Pro Websites can be paid over 12 months of £550 per month.

E-commerce Shop WebsiteHighest return rate

£ 10 000

Our E-commerce Shop Websites work hard to physically sell products to your leads and continue to market your business 24/7.

  • Everything that the Pro Website delivers PLUS
  • Increased average spend per transaction per customer
  • Elevated number of purchases, per year per customer
  • Take payments and generate revenue 24/7
  • Further revenue from previous untouched leads
  • Lower shop and administration costs to your business
  • Add and edit entire product lines in 60 seconds
  • Faster and smarter customer after care and follow up

Our E-commerce Shop Websites can be paid over 12 months of £840 per month.

Membership Social Website

£ 15 000

Our Membership Social Websites create community networks and shops.  Sell courses, subscriptions and products repeatedly to customers.

  • Everything that the Pro Website delivers PLUS
  • Everything in the E-Commerce Shop Website deliver PLUS
  • Further recurring revenue and profit from your website
  • Low cost sales force to sell your business through a network
  • Lower administration and marketing costs
  • Total customer access with ZERO distractions from buying your product
  • Hyper profit from education and information products

Our Membership Social Websites can be paid over 12 months of £1300 per month.

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How about FREE WordPress lead generation and website advice?

These are going to change your business for the better.

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