Lead generation and capture

Convert more visitors into leads and increase the the chance that someone WANTS to become a lead

Lead generation is all about letting people know that they’re interested in working with you. They need to trust you and understand what you’re offering.

There are loads of ways that we can help customers understand how you can help.  Once they trust you, we can let them qualify themselves, so that we know they’re interested in your products.

Our WordPress sites are SPECIFICALLY and specially designed to capture and generate high quality, leads.

That’s why we’re the #1 WordPress lead generation digital marketing specialists in the UK.

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We only focus on generating high quality, qualified leads through WordPress lead generation activities.  When leads are high quality and qualified, you spend less time trying to sell and convert the customer, and more time working with them.

This is the most important aspect of any lead generation.  It’s not just about capturing details like names, email addresses and phone numbers.

It’s about making sure that the lead WANTS to work with you.  That they know you can help them.

We’d rather generate 1 profitable, qualified lead that converts into a sale, than 100 random and unqualifed leads that never convert to sales.

We convert leads from traffic at about 40%.  That means, that on specific and targeted pages, 40% of all visitors turn into a qualified, low friction lead.

The average lead capture rate is about 0.1%.  Meaning that you need 1000 visitors before one of them converts to a lead.  We’re just that good.  Hence, why we’re the UK’s number 1 WordPress lead generation specialists.

We call the low friction leads because we reduce the time, effort and investment that you need before you can make a sale.  A well qualified, targeted lead, reduces the overall acquisition cost of a customer.

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