We are TEARING UP what people know about online and WordPress website lead generation.  That’s why we’re the UK’s #1 WordPress lead generation digital marketing specialists.

I promise, that by the end of this page, you’ll know exactly how and why we want to to help businesses like yours, with awesome WordPress websites.

The main problem that businesses like yours face, is being able to identify profitable online traffic for your website, and converting it into a sale.

How do you take someone who doesn’t know that you exist, pull them through a website, and produce a high quality, repeat customer?

Most of what you believe is wrong.

As much as that sucks, most of what you’ve been led to believe about websites is wrong.

You don’t just set up any old site and let the money roll in.  A website is NEVER expensive, if it delivers a return on your investment.

I set up Devon Digital Design Ltd to specifically help businesses like yours generate high quality, qualified leads from targeted traffic.

We can then convert that traffic and those leads into customers that love you so much, that they’ll not only buy from you again, but refer you to their network.

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Why I set up Devon Digital Design.

I used to work for a multi billion dollar corporation.  We had thousands of dollars and pounds to spend on digital marketing activities.
I was the Digital Marketing Specialist for the UK.  If it was online, corporate and needed to generate leads, I knew everything about it.

One day, out of the blue, I was asked to leave.  Just like that.

Rather than wallow in self pity, I did what any sensible 24 year old would do, and went to Las Vegas with my brothers.

Nothing worked.  What I had learned at corporate was not working for small businesses.

When your budget is £100 000 a quarter, generating 10 leads for a £50 000 product is easy.

It’s literally the easiest thing in the world.

When you have a massive business behind you, a network, previous customers and a global brand, lead generation and conversion is a cinch.

But when I set up Devon Digital Design Ltd, as a digital marketing and WordPress website design company, I had none of that.

But all the tactics and methods that I knew, only worked with larger businesses and had a lower return.

I needed to generate new leads, new business and convert profitable customers into repeat buyers.

So everything that I learned, is now how we do business for our customers.

And we’re crushing it.

The #1 WordPress lead generation digital marketing specialists

Award winning too...

Now I’ve got it nailed.

I help customers identify their most profitable traffic source.  The group of people online, that are going to happily spend money with you, resulting in an easier sale.

I help businesses convert more traffic into leads.  We qualify them, engage them and  get them so revved up that they’re desperate to talk to you.

Finally, we convert those leads into profitable sales.  We take customers and help them become repeat buyers, who love you so much that they want to refer you to their network.

I’m now an award winning digital marketer.  I present and talk to OTHER WordPress, website and digital marketers.  Sharing my experience and techniques on how they can help heir customer grow.

I build awesome, stunning websites, that generate you profit.

mike killen wordcamp digital marketing specialist wordpress lead generation Devon

I’m only interested in working with businesses that want to grow.  You need to want to generate new leads and new business.

You need to want to be coached, and to learn how to generate an income for your business, via a WordPress website.

If you’re that kind of business, I can help you.

Websites are only expensive if they don’t make a return on their investment.

In fact, why not download our free report on how we generate leads for our current customers, for free.  Just to show you how serious we are.

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Some of our results


Super happy profitable customers
Revenue generated through our sites - to date
Brand new, profitable leads generated

Where we’re based

Hint: It's in Devon

What we actually do

No bullsh***, just what we do everyday for our customers


Identifying profitable customers and turning them into traffic

We’ll show you and plan out EXACTLY where you’re most profitable traffic source is.

All this means, is that we know there are tons of people who would love to buy from you.  If we could find where they are, and tell them what they need to know, that makes your sales easier.

We want to find people that fit your customer profile.  We reduce the friction between that first touch point, and the final sale.

We’re REALLY good at it too.

Traffic can help you build an email list, customer database, increase lead conversion and newsletter opt-ins as well as build a blog following.

Start with quality traffic and the rest will follow.


High quality, qualified people interested in you.

Leads are just people who have shown an interest in your business.

You could sell products, services, whatever.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, all that matters is that you get the right people interested in you.

Our lead generation program focuses on getting high quality, qualified customers engaged with your business.

We help them find you, like you, understand what you do and trust you.

Our lead conversion program produces easier, faster sales.  Routes to growth and profit that might have seemed impossible to start with.

What if you knew that 40% of ALL your traffic converted into a lead?  If I gave you 40 email addresses, from interested people, would that help you?

Well that’s what we do.  And we’re ruddy good at it.


Leads converted into sales easily and with minimum friction.

Revenue is great, but profit is better.

Let’s say I gave you those 40 leads.  What’s your success rate like?

Typically, it’s 1/1000.

In fact, most businesses who claim to have a good close rate, only sell to about 1% of their leads.

What if we gave you the tools and messaging to convert 10% of every single lead you had.  Not only into one sale, but a happy repeat customer who refers you onto their network?

That’s what we’re all about, and we do it through WordPress website design and WordPress lead generation.

What we’re good at

And not so good at...

Lead generation


Sales closing and conversion


Traffic conversion


WordPress website design


Hula hooping


Tell us what you want to achieve

We'll get you the results you want

So I’ve told you what we do and I’ve told you about why I set up Devon Digital Design.

I think it’d be great if you got in touch, you can even use this form below just to say hello.

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