Accountants.  We love you but you are a necessary evil.

People and businesses are afraid of money.  Taxes are the most terrifying concept in the world when you start a business.  Running a business isn’t much better as you quickly loose track of where your money is going and coming from.

The biggest problem that YOUR accountancy business faces though is finding the right customer.  Your website can be a powerhouse for generating leads and I’m going to tell you 5 ways UK accountants can use their website to get more leads.

1. Offer something for free

Here’s something that EVERY website should be doing.  To every single visitor, every individual person and to all traffic, you should be offering something for free.  This is typically referred to as a lead magnet, money magnet, lead offer or light bulb moment.

We prefer the term light bulb moment because it reminds us to think of something, which the customer feels like they’re having a cartoon ‘light bulb moment’.

accountant-websites-uk-find-more-customers-wile e coyote

A la Wile E. Coyote – the greatest genius of our time.

A light bulb moment is something that is easy to digest, solves a specific problem AND you can offer to traffic in exchange for an email address.  For example you’ve probably seen our ‘GENERATE MORE SALES AND CUSTOMER ENQUIRIES FROM YOUR WEBSITE CHEAT SHEET’ download offer all over the site?

When we put that up, within one week we had 173 downloads.  All email addresses and all leads that we market to.


2. Provide a case study

Nothing cuts through the mustard like numbers.  For example, our email marketing campaigns are 15%, on average more effective than most other digital agencies.

I’ve got data to back that up.  So my business can ask “do you want 15% more effective email marketing for the same budget?”

What numbers do you have that separate you from the competition?

Hint: It’s not your price.  Don’t lower that EVER.

For example, have you saved your customers money?  Are a high percentage of your customer profitable in their first 12 months?  What metrics can you offer that prove that you’re worth you’re time?

Once you’ve got that sorted, write a case study on that customer and that result.  Then offer it to visitors.  BAM! We just helped you create your first light bulb moment.


3. Pick a market and write content FOR that market

This is tricky, but yields explosive results if done properly.

I don’t have time to go into the benefits of narrowing your market and choosing a niche (although take a look here).  But selecting an industry or a particular function of a business and focusing on that makes your life a lot easier.

For example, if you decide that graphics and print agencies are profitable, easy to work with and you’d like MORE of those customers – then you need to direct more of your content to them.

Why does this work?  It’s simple really, by narrowing down the audience you’re aiming at, you build more credibility and trust because you’re being specific.  You’re instantly positioning yourself as an expert in that field.

Also, it’s much easier to get other businesses to share content if it’s specific to their industry, which increases lead generation chances.

4. Opt-in boxes

Opt-in boxes are areas on the website that offer your free content, case study, light bulb moment or newsletter sign up.  We’ve got them on our site, look over to the left and you can see an orange one.

These might seem insignificant but they have great opt-in rates.  Some of ours are as high as 30%, which means that for every 100 people that sees them, 30 sign up.

5. Easy SEO and social without an agency

If you’ve targeted a specific industry and you’re producing content for that market, it’s really easy to generate more traffic from Google.  When you’re getting more traffic, because you’ve got great offers and your opt-in boxes all sorted, you’re more likely to generate leads from your websites.

SEO isn’t about links or submitting your site to Google.  It’s about writing and creating content that your CUSTOMERS are going to find useful.

Just by writing 1 article a week for 10 weeks, you’ll have 10 powerful pieces of content written for your website.  Google is smart enough to recognise original and helpful content.  Then, you need to share that with an audience.  You might even consider paying for traffic via Facebook promoted posts.

BONUS! 6. Content that isn’t about money

Take heed and understand that your job, on your website, is NOT to sell people your money skills.  You need to be seen as a position of authority on OTHER PEOPLE’S businesses.  That means you need to solve OTHER problems.  For example, graphic designers have trouble with social media, managing staff, writing content.

You need to be seen as the expert in THEIR industry, not yours.  That comes later.  When you’re first attracting customers, show that you know THEIR problems, their business and what can help them over what you can offer.

Obviously, talking about finances, money and taxes specific to to your market.  But find and create content that helps them in other ways.  If you need help, hire a writer.  OR – search for the content yourself and do a list/round up post.

Call it “The 6 best articles that every graphic designer needs to read about managing customers”.  Easy.

About Michael

Michael Killen is a WordPress lead generation specialist. As a digital marketer he and his team build beautiful, engaging WordPress websites and turn them into profitable, lead generating marketing machines. Find him on Twitter @mike_killen