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Profitable traffic

With an e-commerce website

Sidmouth Design

Sidmouth Design


We helped Sidmouth Design Online discover their most profitable customer. By identifying fast growth and revenue opportunities, SDO’s website was profitable before it even launched. Everything was designed so that we website made a profit as soon as possible.

Lead generation

Through WordPress SEO

Hair Jungle

Hair Jungle

Lead generation site

Hair Jungle based in Plymouth is a hair salon who needed to generate more leads via search engines. We built a specific website to draw more online traffic via the site, to convert into leads. Since launching, Hair Jungle is at the top for over 10 specific keywords, each one resulting in over 8000 page views and over 70 leads a month.

Sales conversion

With a WordPress response funnel



Sales conversion site

Trep-ology.com is a new online course aimed at young Treps who are wanting to start a business. Their website was specifically designed to convert qualified, high quality leads into profitable sales. To date, their current conversion rate is 10%. Of every email address collected, 1 in 10 turn into a sale.

" I am so pleased as I feel it shows what I wanted, is easy to use and will I know it will be a great asset to my new business."

− Sue

"Mike changed the way we thought about e-mail lead generation and showed us best practices that set us apart from our competitors"

− Mark

"I hope my competitors never find out about this. You can tell that they "walk the walk" and that this training did not come from "theory", rather from first hand experience servicing clients on their own"

− M. C.

Identify your most profitable customer.

  • It all starts here.  We need to plan out the fastest and easiest sale.  It sounds obvious, but this is how we pay for growth

Generate high quality leads

  • Our websites generate thousands of hits a day in traffic, and typically we can convert up to 40% of that traffic into a qualified lead, who is interested in your products.

Online lead conversion to sales

  • We’ll convert more of your leads into profitable sales and generate revenue much faster than other digital marketing companies out there.

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